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Frequently Asked Questions

What's involved in the installation?

Below is a summary of what will happen during the installation.

1. With building owner's consent, Local Fibre Company (i.e. Chorus/Enable/Northpower/Ultrafast) will use existing ducts into the building wherever possible. If LFC is unable to use an existing duct LFC may have to lay a new one, this may involve trenching in the driveway.

2. Once fibre is in the building LFC will try to use existing hidden routes such as existing risers, stairwells or ceilings. LFC may run the cable along the outside of the building or discretely below the ceiling line within common areas.

3. Existing copper line to your premises will be cut upon completion of the installation and connected to Optical Network Terminal installed inside your property (Enable/Northpower/Ultrafast will not cut existing copper line).

4. We will courier a preconfigured UFB router before the installation date and once Optical Network Terminal is installed you can simply plug and play!

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