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Intermittent drop-outs

Follow these steps if your connection works fine one minute and then things just stop working for a while but do come back up again.

1. Check if the outages are limited to one device. Try on a different device or PC.

2. Check if the outages are limited to devices connected to wireless network. Try on a device connected by Ethernet wire.

3. Check DSL filters. (Skip this step if your broadband is UFB or your premises had a full installation.)

a) Check all devices connected to phone jack have filters.
b) Try swap in a different filter.

You can also do an isolation test by disconnecting all devices connected to phone jacks in your house except the modem.

4. Check if the router is faulty. If you have access to another modem/router, swap and see if the problem persists.

5. Check the router lights when the outages occur.
DSL/WAN light - Should be solid green.
Internet/Broadband light - Should be green and flickering if the connection is in use.

6. Open a support ticket via support form.

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