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Setup guide - [WorldNet ADSL] TP-Link TL-W8960N Router

TP-LINK’s TD-W8960N 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router is an incredibly robust all-in-one device that provides a full rate of ADSL2+ standard with the superb reliability and a cost-effective solution for home and small business. With the TD-W8960N, you can easily create a secure wireless network and share a high-speed internet connection while access to shared files, music, photos, and printers with multiple computers. What’s more, this all-in-one device allows for two different connection types: ADSL or Ethernet WAN, giving users the flexibility to access the Internet via whichever method is most convenient.

1. Attach antennas. Screw two antennas into place to ensure your router will have range throughout your location.

2. Plug router into a power source.

3. If you don’t have dedicated ADSL jack-point, plug ADSL Splitter-Filter into the wall-jack point. And plug phone(DSL) cable from phone port of ADSL Splitter-Filter to ADSL port of TL-W8960N.

4. If you have dedicated ADSL jack-point, plug phone(DSL) cable from wall jack-point to ADSL port of TL-W8960N.

5. Connect your PC to the router. Connect your PC or network switch to LAN1-LAN4 port.

6. Go to the router’s access page in your browser. Open your browser and type into the address bar.

Then, you can see the login pop-up window. The default username and password is admin.

7. Start setup wizard. After successfully log in, you will see the Login screen. Click Quick Setup to configure your router.

Choose ADSL WAN for the WAN Type, and then click Next.

Then please select PPPoA(PPP over ATM) for WAN Link Type.

If you select PPPoA(PPP over ATM) for WAN Link Type, the page will become like below.
Enter all fields properly.
Country : Select New Zealand
ISP : Select Other
VPI/VCI : Insert 0 for VPI, and 100 for VCI
WAN Link Type : PPPoA(PPP over ATM) selected at above
PPP Username : Put your username for PPPoA authentication. (e.g., johnkey58, etc)
PPP Password : Put the password for your username
MTU : Default value us 1498 and you can just leave it as a default.

8. Wireless Configuration The WLAN function is enabled by default. You can rename your wireless network name and create your own password in this page. The default wireless name is TP-LINK_XXXXXX, and the default wireless password, the same as the PIN code, is printed on the bottom label.
Wireless Network Name : The name you can see among available wireless networks.
Network Authentication : The type of authentication you want to use. WPA2-Personal is recommended
Wireless Network Key : You can change it to your own password for WIFI connection. You must keep it safely.
Click Next to continue.

9. Summary You will see the Summary screen below, click Confirm to make your settings take effect.

10. Connect WIFI. Once above configurations are done, next is to check the wireless connection.
Search SSID you set at step8 from the available WIFI networks.

Put WIFI password you configured at step 8 into popup window.
11. Congratulations. You should now have a fully functioning and secure TP-Link TL-W8960N adsl router.

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