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Setup guide - [WorldNet ADSL] Megapass Router

The Router is an ADSL2+ Integrated Access Device (IAD) and supports ADSL link with downstream up to 24 Mbps and upstream up to 1 Mbps. It provides a simple and cost-effective ADSL Internet connection for a private Ethernet or an 802.11g/802.11b wireless network. The Router supports high-speed ADSL Internet connection, IP routing for LAN and wireless connectivity. It can provide high access performance application for individual users, the SOHOs, and small enterprises.
You can configure and manage the Router through a web-based management interface using the local Ethernet or through remote management via the WAN interface.

1. Connect power source to Megapass router.


2. If you don’t have dedicated ADSL jack-point, plug ADSL Splitter-Filter into the wall-jack point. And plug phone(DSL) cable from phone port of ADSL Splitter-Filter to Line port of Megapass router.

3. If you have dedicated ADSL jack-point, plug phone(DSL) cable from wall jack-point to Line port of Megapass router.

4. Connect your PC to the router.
Connect your PC or network switch to LAN1-LAN4 port.

5. Go to the router’s access page in your browser. Open your browser and type into the address bar.

Then, you can see the login pop-up window. The default username and password is admin.
Once you successfully log-in, you can see main page.
- Default Gateway : In the bridging mode, there is no gateway. In other modes,
it is the address of the uplink equipment.
- DNS Server : In the PPPoE or PPPoA mode, it is obtained from the uplink
equipment. In the bridging mode, there is no DNS Server address.

6. Start Quick Setup. Click Quick Setup in the left menu.
- VPI : 0
- VCI : 100
Click Next to proceed.

Select the type of network protocol and encapsulation mode.
- Connection Type : PPP over ATM (PPPoA)
- Encapsulation Mode : VC/Mux
Then click Next.

Put authentication details.
- Username : Put your username for PPPoA authentication. (e.g., johnkey58, etc)
- Password : Put the password for your username
- Authentication Method : Auto
Tick Retry PPP Password on authentication error.
Click Next.

The next step is NAT(Network Address Translation) setting.
Make sure all ticked except Enable IGMP Multicast.
Service Name will be decided automatically. Click Next.

You can Device Setup page.
IP Address and Subnet Mask can be left as a default. (You may need to change this for avoiding ip collision when you use more than one router.)
Select Enable DHCP Server and left configurations as a default. Click Next.

7. Wireless Setup. In this page, you can enable or disable wireless and enter SSID. The SSID is the name of WIFI network you will use. It is case-sensitive and must not exceed 32 charactors.
The default value of this is WorldNet. Then click Next.

8. Summary. Now you can see the summary of the configurations. Click Save/Reboot.

9. Connect WIFI. Once above configurations are done, next is to check the wireless connection.
Go to your PC and search SSID you set at step7 from the available WIFI networks.

Put WIFI password you configured at step 7 into popup window.

11. Congratulations. You should now have a fully functioning and secure Megapass ADSL router.

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